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Monte Titano ("Mount Titan") is a mountain of the Apennines and the highest peak in San Marino. It stands at 739 m (2,425 ft) above sea level and is located immediately to the east of the capital, San Marino. It was inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2008 under the combined title "San Marino Historic Centre and Mount Titano".

Straddled on the ridge of Mount Titano is the city of San Marino of the Republic of San Marino, the history of which dates from the early 4th century. According to the legend related to the Mount and its precincts a small monastery existed on top of the Mount during the 8th century. The mountainous landscape provides excellent views of its surroundings, and its isolated location ensured the needed seclusion for San Marino to survive as a Republic over the past several centuries.

2019-04-06 I flew to Rome early in the morning and as usual I picked up my rental car at the airport, this time I rented an Audi A1. I choose to rent cars on my trips since I get a lot more freedom and I can choose where to go whenever I want. Also I usually have a very tight schedule since I need to do long drives and I don’t want to stay away from my two kids for more than 2-3 days, this is the length of trips I choose to do now. So even if it costs me more I have reached the fact that it is definitly worth the cost renting a car. 

It took me 5 hour to drive up to north Italy and reach San Marino. It is a really small micro state. You can walk through the country in a short time. To find the highest point was no problem at all. It is very well marked with signs. 

There are three towers in San Marino. The highest one is Torre Cesta. Even if I don’t count buildings that is on the highest point I climbed up the stairs to take a look at the view. After Torre Cesta I walked further to the third tower Torre Montale. From there you can see Torre Cesta, and ofcourse I went to 1st Torre Guaita as well. 

After putting a check mark on San Marino I drove to the coast. I stayed at a hotel on the Rimini Riviera, Riccione. A very cute typical tourist destination. 

Summit number 9. 


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