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Malta Ta' Dmejrek


Ta' Dmejrek is the highest point of Malta, located on the Dingli Cliffs, with an elevation of 253 metres. (830 ft).

2018-12-01 Left Stockholm Arlanda and had a transit flight in Frankfurt before arriving to Luqa Airport in Malta. 

It was heavy rain when I arrived and I when I picked up my rental car I got very surprised when I saw that the driving seat where on the “wrong” side. I had totally missed that on Malta you drive on the left side. Kind of stressed over the fact that I have to think opposite from everything in Sweden. But no time to worry. 

Typed in Ta’ Dmejrek in Google Maps and a short drive later, on very small roads, I was at the point which is supposed to be Malta’s highest point. Since the peak is not marked with anything I walked around every where on the plateu to make sure I was on Ta’ Dmejrek 253 m. 

After taking all my top selfies I went further to the Dingli Cliffs. What a stunning view. It was amazing. I parked the car when the road started to get to small and started walking from there. 

No people around, it was a very calm place. But I met a girl from Poland who had traveled the whole day from St Julian's to Dingli Cliffs. We made company to the end of the cliffs and had a nice chat. 

Since we both were going to St Julian’s I offered her to come with me by car. We made a stop in the small village Mdina about a mile from Haqim just to visit the St John’s Co-Cathedral. It was beautiful inside. 

2018-12-02 Sunday morning I started the day with a visit at St George’s Bay. Later on, a short drive to Valletta. I basically walked from one side of Valletta to the other and back to where I started. It was such a nice city, shopping streets mixed with ancient fortress built for over 1000 years ago. 

After sightseeing in Valletta I drove to Hagar Qim. A pre historic temple complex which was built during younger stone age, around 3600-3200 B.C. also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The buildings is known as the most ancient religious sites on Earth.

From there I continued my trip to Il-Qrendi. Where I spontaneously took a boat trip to the Blue Grotto. It was such an amazing view and fun thing to explore. 

When returning to airport I had some time left so I parked the car close to the airport and walked to a a perfect place for plane spotting. 

Summit number 5. 

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