Czech Republic - Sněžka 1603 m
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Czech Republic Sněžka


Sněžka is a mountain on the border between the Czech Republic and Poland, the most prominent point of the Silesian Ridge in the Krkonoše mountains. At 1,603 metres (5,259 ft), its summit is the highest point in the Czech Republic.

Sněžka was one of the first European mountains visited by many tourists. This was mainly due to the relatively minor technical difficulties of the ascent and the fact that since the sixteenth century, many resort visitors flocked to the nearby Cieplice Śląskie-Zdrój and the highly visible Sněžka, visually dominant over all Krkonoše was for them an important attraction. The first historical account of an ascent to the peak is in 1456, by an unknown Venetian merchant searching for precious stones

2018-08-30 At Prag airport we picked up our rental car. A three hours drive later we were finally at the ski resort Ped Poc Snezkou where Snežka is located. 

Actually we started the hiking way to late. The time was 16.45 pm and all the hikers we met were descending from the top. But since it is a short hike to the top we chose to go for the top same day. 

After an hour of hiking the fog was all over the top. And two hours later when reaching the summit we couldn’t see more than a few meters in front of us. When we came back to the car it was really dark. Note to self bring headlight next time. Since I am a beginner I learn all the time. And this is also an aim with my project. To learn and get more experienced in the mountains. 

After a 2.5 hour drive back to Prag we checked in late at the hotel and the next day we had to leave early again. 

Flew back to Sweden and meet my family at Arlanda that I had missed so much. 

Summit number 4. 


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