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I work as IT Delivery Manager at Swedavia Airports in Sweden. When I get the opportunity I love to travel. Here I share my experiences from my trips to the highest peak in the European countries. Welcome to follow my journey! 

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I want to emphasize that I am just an enthusiastic rookie when it comes to mountaineering. Every time I visit a new country and a new summit I learn a lot. This is my way for developing my mountaineering skills, learning by doing. 

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As a kid my parents took me and my siblings to the swedish mountains for hiking, mostly on Kungsleden. When I was 10 years old my dad, me and my older brother and sister traveled to Nikkaloukta to climb the highest peak in Sweden. Three excited kids and my dad made it to the top of Kebnekaise 2098 m. 

After this experience we went back and reached the top once again in 1998. In 1999 we went to Norway and Galdhöpiggen, 2469 m. I reached my first summit outside the swedish mountains. And a year later we went to the Alps for hiking. 

This is how my enthusiasm for mountaineering started to grow. But when I became older another interest took all my time. I did boxing and my schedule was full with training, tournaments and camps. I managed to go on one mountaineering trip in 2009, when I got the chance to climb the highest peak in Turkey, together with mum and dad. It was big family dream comming true when we reached the top of Mount Ararat 5137 m. 

Until 2018 I didn't visit any mountains, and suddenly I decided to start this project and climb the highest mountain in every country in Europe. Here I am, in the middle of the adventure...


My parents are my inspiration and the reason why I developed this love to mountains. My dad has been the motivator and my guide. This is the mountains we climbed together before this project.

  • 2x Kebnekaise, 2098 m.
  • Galdhöpiggen, 2469 m.
  • Helags, 1796 m. 
  • Mount Ararat 5137 m. 

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